Yogurt, Windcrest Dairy

Yogurt, Windcrest Dairy


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The families of Windcrest Dairy – a partnership between the Bizenberger and Eickmeyer families of Southwestern Illinois – have dairy farmed for more than 100 years.
Many years ago, before the advent of modern, commercial milk production, the Bizenbergers and Eickmeyers supplied wholesome milk, cream, and butter to friends and neighbors within their communities. Due to strong attention to detail and a healthy acceptance of only the highest quality of personal performance and produced goods, the families enjoyed ever-increasing demand for their products. They consistently reinvested the fruits of their success, growing their herds while maintaining a strict adherence to the high production standards that enabled it. For the past 70 years, both families have served various Illinois co-ops by ensuring reliable sources of locally produced milk to meet the needs of a growing, value-focused population.
In view of his legacy’s success, Steve Eickmeyer, a fourth generation Eickmeyer dairy farmer, began to nurture a dream of personalizing his farm’s products. This dream remained unrealized until Steve met Kurt Bizenberger, a third generation Bizenberger dairy farmer. Kurt shared Steve’s vision of marketing fresh dairy products accredited with their own stamps of approval. They recognized a common goal to recreate the more intimate and close business relationships of yesteryear – a time when professional quality and personal reputation went hand in hand.

Today, the two families comprise Windcrest Dairy. In keeping with the company’s philosophy of community openness and friendliness, Windcrest sponsors tours of its dairy operation. In addition to providing an opportunity to review its dairy operation, Kurt and Steve welcome a growing list of satisfied customers to see first-hand our principles in action. We invite you to our little ‘Farm with the Family Feel.’ You’ll see that Windcrest makes its dream of old-time closeness come true.


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