• 85% lean
  • From conception to consumption, Crooked Creek Beef cows are treated with love and raised on grass, right here in Franklin County. Bill and Linda McLaren are the owners and farmers at Crooked Creek Beef. We are proud to share that our animals are raised on grass and their diet is supplemented with fiber and minerals needed to produce the healthiest animal and highest quality of beef.
  • In the winter, our calves are fed with home raised hay and supplemented a high fiber mix of soy hulls, wheat mid’s, corn by-products, and cottonseed hulls. These components have had the starch and carbohydrates removed for human food products and what remains are the quality high digestible fiber and minerals needed by the ruminant system in the cow. For example, wheat mid’s are the bran, hull, and germ remaining after the starch has been removed to make flour. Ruminants are animals with a complex four compartment stomach and these high fiber feeds closely mimic grass counterparts.
  • In the spring, summer, and fall when local grass is abundant, calves are free range on pasture with free access to above mentioned supplement along with fresh water and abundant shade.
  • We never feed antibiotics, steroids or hormones or implant hormones in our calves. We raise our own grasses in addition to the high-quality diet additions. The methods we use at Crooked Creek are the most sustainable production system of high quality, premium beef. Our beef finishes choice and prime quality at 15 months of age.