Homegrown vegetables brought to you by small farms in southern IL. Picked fresh from the farm and delivered to your home or kitchen.

About Us

Farmstead Foods is a small family-run fresh food hub located in southern Illinois. We take pride in delivering super fresh food directly to the consumer or food preparer. We have partnered with a number of small family farms in the Illinois/Missouri region to provide our consumers with some of the highest quality local homegrown vegetables and farm-fresh foods that you will find. So many small farmers find it hard to build a strong and consistent market for their fresh produce and still have time to farm full-time. We are able to bring a lot of farmers to one marketplace and offer our customers a wide range of amazing local items without them having to handle the logistics of sourcing from dozens of farms to get their needs met. Our mission is to help grow a sustainable food system that benefits local farmers and consumers.

Our Growing Standard

 It is our desire to provide you with the healthiest food possible, our farms use sustainable growing practices as much as possible. While most of our farms are not certified organic we do value and use a lot of organic practices. We, with your family, realize the growing need for healthy, locally-grown food. So we try our very best to provide you with a food that will be both healthful and delicious. None of our products are coated with food-grade wax or resin or any other kind of preservatives to maintain freshness. Our “farm to table” concept only requires the shelf life that Mother Nature gives it.


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