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Our Mission

We at FARMSTEAD FOODS believe that the way we eat has the power to change the world. It is our goal to be able to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have access to local and healthy vegetables and farm-fresh products. In recent years we have been seeing an increasing demand for locally grown vegetables. As this demand increased so did the number of small growers looking for a way to farm and at the same time support their families.

We have partnered with a number of small family farms in the Illinois/Missouri region to provide our chefs and consumers with some of the highest quality local homegrown produce and farm-fresh foods that you will find. So many small farmers find it hard to build a strong and consistent market for their fresh produce and still have time to farm full-time. We are able to bring a lot of farmers to one marketplace and offer our customers a wide range of amazing local items without them having to deal with the logistics of sourcing from dozens of farms to get their needs met. Our goal is to help grow a sustainable food system that benefits the local farmers and consumers. Farmers and the consumer deserve the best. When you unite the two, we are creating a stronger community on many levels.

Our Growing Standard

It is our desire to provide you with the healthiest food possible, we try to use sustainable growing practices as much as possible. While we are not “certified” organic, we do value and use a lot of organic practices. We use only a limited amount of pesticides, using organic approved chemicals or contact only spray. We with your family realize the growing need for healthy, locally grown food. So we try our very best to provide you with a food that will be both healthful and delicious.